Service Tips

  • The first step is to determine if you will have an adequate signal. As long as you have a good line of sight to our tower which is located slightly Southwest of Fairmont, MN you should be able to obtain Starnet internet. There should be no trees or buildings blocking the line of sight. We can overcome these problems by installing on a small tower or on another building that has a better line of sight.
  • Starnet Internet uses an external modem that connects to your Ethernet card on your computer. If you need an Ethernet card we can install one for you. The fee is $30 for the card and installation. You do NOT have to remove your current internal modem.
  • Starnet Internet requires two power supplies, one for the external modem and the other for the connection to the antenna. They are sometimes both mounted near your computer where you will need ample space for two power supplies. Please make sure this is done BEFORE the technician comes to install the Internet.
  • Make sure that you have personal firewall installed on your computer and enabled. Windows computers with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 have a basic firewall, make sure it's enabled especially if you are connecting direct to our modem without a personal router. Apple Mac computers have them included as well.