Speeds & Rates

New Standard Rates & Prices - Effective September 1, 2018 Monthly Service
Download Upload Price
6Mb 1Mb $45.00
10Mb 1Mb $60.00
12Mb   1Mb $70.00
15Mb  1Mb  $90.00

* Speed is subject to location and signal availability.

Account Features
5 Total Email Accounts / 10MB Each!
IMAP, POP3, or Webmail Access
Virus and SPAM Scanning
Free Tech Support
Searchable FAQ
Email Support
Live Chat with Technician
24 Hour Call Center
Basic Showcase
20MB for Your Website
No netINS Pop-ups or ads
CGI Scripting, Javascript, PHP, Perl
Access to thousands of newsgroups

Monthly fee includes connection to the internet  as well as use of Starcom's antenna, transceiver and modem equipment. (Starcom retains ownership of our equipment) Customer is responsible for their computer equipment as well as any computer cable or coaxial cables upon installation.

Customer must provide credit reference to Starnet or a $100 deposit will be required for the equipment.

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